The Minimalist

The Minimalist

MANGO polyester shirt
$29 –

Givenchy long maxi skirt

Black strappy sandals
$39 –

Vintage eyewear


In a Black and White World, A pop of color will do!


I am supposed to be including a lot of colors in my outfit choices seeing as we are in the summer months. However the pull of Monochrome black and white, neutrals and lets say none colorful colors can’t be denied.

Monochrome is huge this summer and I’m going with the flow but on this occasion with a pop of color from my laptop bag…


Keeping Cool and Fashionable


summer2.jpgsummer3.jpgsummer4.jpgsummer5.jpgsummer6.jpgVacations, Water Parks, and dressing casually comes  to mind whenever i think of the Summer months!

However, depending on your particular style preferences, there are ways to look casual and chic at same time!

Let’s start with my little friend Hailey! I met her at a community project event for kids and this girl is a bundle of energy and Joy! I was initially drawn to her pixie cut, because, I was convinced that any little girl who could cut her hair in such a stylish way was a natural fashionista. She came to church on Sunday dressed in  lace shorts and shirt, and edged up  the fabric with sneakers and proved my theory right!!!

L’s Maxi Skirt was a breezy delight! People who love to be more conservative with their style need not worry in the summer months! Get a long, light and “flowie” skirt paired with a Platform wedge shoes and you are on your way to chicness!

Cat on the other hand is repping for the ladies who still want to wear Jeans in the summer months! Make sure you wear light-colored Jeans to help combat the heat and balance it out with  either a tank top or a light fabric shirt.

Finally, I am wearing flowery, loud colored clothes for the summer and my above out fit is definitely in line with my agenda! I love colors and there is no better and forgivable time to wear colors than in the summer !

Hope these various styles inspire you to try something new and different this summer!