Sunday In Downtown

uhmmmm…..yeah :/

I love Downtown on Sundays because it is devoid of people *love it*. L and i were meeting up with a friend for lunch after church so we decided to take some pictures. This is what i love about Texas…while the world freezes during winter, we just chill in a spring like weather . My condolences to those freezing 🙂

G: Shirt/blouse: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Nine West, Skirt : From a thrift store

L: Jacket: Thrift-ed, Dress: Chloe, Shoes: Chloe



Today is L’s birthday…you know those weird people who celebrate their birthday on a weekend because their birthday falls on a boring weekday? well, L is one of them…lol (i love you girl). So on Saturday i was literally divided because L and her room mate chose to have a dinner party and another friend of mine was having a get together at her place and everyone expected me to be there :/ . I knew before hand that no matter what i did one person would be unsatisfied by my degree of involvement…but i am glad to say everything worked out all right 🙂

L and her room-mate…

L and I

L, room-mate and i

At a lounge…

We honestly don’t know who that dude is :/

We had fun, ate, and talked…Happy birthday gals and many more years! Love y’all.


Find your inner style…

First rule of fashion is….well that there are actually no rules!!! If you love following trends then maybe you could learn that trends are fleeting. I am also learning about fashion just like any other girl that likes putting clothes together. However, I am of the school of thought that fashion is individualistic. It interprets a personality, it’s art!… like a painter  tells a story with the stroke of his brush or a writer with his words…I view Fashion as that, only that the painting or words is done with the clothes and perhaps, hair and makeup.

For one to be able to tell their individual story through fashion…you must know and be comfortable with yourself  regardless of anyone’s opinion.  Just for the sake of clearer understanding i will ask some general questions. When you walk into a store what clothes are you first attracted to? ask yourself why? How do you want people to see you? or better yet what message do you want to pass across to people when they meet you? and the most important of all…. How do you view yourself? Questions like this aide one in discovering individual style regardless of trends.

Even though i dislike magazines and articles that tell us what and how to wear certain trends…they do kinda help in knowing what is going on out i would suggest Reading fashion magazines like vogue, Elle, Instyle, etc..these magazines can help a totally clueless person discover the types of styles they are attracted to.Beyonce Elle Magazine cover January 2009

I love, love, did i mention love street fashion!!!…Watch how different people interpret a particular piece of Jewelry, blouse or pant…it is just beautiful!… Watching people do this, you will become emboldened to explore your inner style….you might start of copying how people interpret certain things… but, not to worry as time goes on you will discover your individual fashion flare.

Lastly be opened to other fashion interpretations outside of your continent…check out how people in Africa interpret fashion

Check out people in Paris or Europe interpret fashion

And so on and so forth…Be open, try new fashion experiences and have fun with it! Fashion is truly fun when you understand it is not about rules but an expression of your individuality 🙂

Forever is still 21!!!!

I know, I know corny heading…however i just could not resist. On Friday, L and i were supposed to go thrift shopping..but guess who did not show up until the chickens crowed? L of course..we were late, so to placate me, she suggested we go to the Mall….I hate to sound like a hipster because i am not one at all! but i hate the mall…too commercial, not original and unnecessarily expensive..yup i’m a cheap and proud skate! I go there from time to time but that is probably after i have searched for a particular item at simple thrift stores. well, we went to Macy’s and eventually ended up at forever 21.  Here is L with a handful of clothes she wanted to try on *ughhh

This store is espeacially big  we had to go upstairs and then downstairs again… looking for the ideal find.. i then decided to take pictures of what i was wearing…not to worry i did not buy that overpriced hat..L just wanted to capture the moment..

walking down the stairs with my bottled water

anyways, L tried some nice skirts but i convinced her not to buy them.. i will show them anyways

This yellow number can really come off looking nice with an appropriate blouse/shirt

I forced L out of the store after we settled for some accessories.We walked right into Bakers for some Wedges (not the potato kind, the shoes…duh!)…loved all the shoes but we settled for comfort-ability.

and we chose this awesome shoe..LOVE IT…. after she tried the fourth pair i was ready to pull out my hair…i gave her several looks of “can we leave the store now”? She eventually caught the bait…Moral of the story is…. don’t take grumpy, hungry, cheapskates shopping with you 🙂  . Honestly, i was starving and needed nourishment so don’t judge me. We went to my favorite restaurant and called it a day …that is, after we watched this totally awesome movie “courageous” check it out…Thank me later 😉




blue sweater dress: Thrifted

Jacket: An old 90’s jacket

Nightly Fun

The secret of beauty, i have found is in ones ability to express themselves as an individual. lol..i was trying to be deep but that is not what this blog is about…L and i were just wondering how cool it will be to have a blog together?

We have been friends for a long time now, and the totally awesome thing we have in common is dressing up and using beauty product. I mean, i would love to talk about an epiphany or an experience that pulled me into fashion…but…ummm…nothing extreme pulled me towards fashion save for my experience at playing dress up as a kid….that should count for something i presume? it doesn’t? o okay.

So  yesterday L had this crazy idea about us taking pictures at night…it was pretty late, like early morning late.. However,   we were in tune with the spirit and decided to brave the cool but not so cold Texas weather…O the joys of living in Texas!

L Look gorgeous

L tried to give us the “Smexy” pose (everything she is wearing is thrift-ed)

Waiting for the fake bus

L was waiting for an imaginary bus to show up

I couldn’t tell you what i was doing here lollaughter

So here is to fashion and exaggerated posses from L and i…and you can call me G…like seriously that is my name… 🙂