Break all rules….Wear white after labor day!!!!

I don’t know who came up with the rule of not wearing white after labor day? but whoever you are…..  “sir/ma’am, please, kindly slap yourself over the head”. lol Just kidding.

Seriously, I love  wearing white. It just makes any and everything appear smarter and happier.

On a very random note, I can’t seem to stop listening to this song! Have a happy week ahead people 😉


It’s a Naija Thang!

In the name of rose-tinted nostalgia….i dug through all my ish to find this gorgeous Naija dress.

I don’t know what it was, but something in the air vaguely reminded me of Hammatan in Abuja; the warmth and friendliness of the people. *sigh*

I love the Nigerian people. Their human spirit and energy tells a story of faith,hope, and love.

So, here is to Naija, the land of my Ancestors!

Dress: From Nigeria 🙂

Style Crush: Les Twins

If you don’t know Les Twins, I seriously don’t know what else to say, other than get to know them. They are french twins from Sarcelle France. Been dancing since they were kids and they have modeled for  designers like Jean Paul Gaultier etc. What i love about them is their originality, they are different in their approach to dance and fashion. Their signature Afro, backward pants, and amazing dance moves keeps them ahead of the crowd.

Honestly though, forget about everything else and watch them dance!

These kids are simply beasts on the dance floor….what?! I love how they tell stories with their dance…Just amazing! They make me wish i honed in my dancing skill 😦

Their style is pretty much hip-hop influenced and very street in expression.
I am in awe of their talent!

Style Crush: Solange Knowles

Natural hair, believe it or not, gives you a swag of your own! For example Solange Knowles, All I knew about her was that she was Beyonce’s Sister, and she danced background for destiny’s child thanks to papa Knowles. I could care less for her solo projects they did not matter to me and looking at how she fared a lot of people did not care either. This girl goes natural and voila! She is a Style Icon, it almost feels weird because she just gets it totally when it comes to fashion…It’s like girl where have you been all these years?

Her style seems very 70’s inspired with the animal/ African prints and  Bohemian Chic…..I Love, love, love her style 🙂

Thrift Recreation: Those who live like they’re dead are truly free!

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seed. Jh 12:24..

Die,  to truly live!  and by Die, I mean free from self-absorption….until you are free from self pre-occupation you would never really live nor would your life count for much!

Blouse: Thrift Store

Skirt: Ross (The skirt was $2.99…what!)

Shoes: A’GACI(years ago..can’t even remember how much i paid)

Tights: Wally world aka Walmart

Cheap style is the best! 🙂

Style is individual!

1)What is your name, age, and where are you from?

My name is Joyce, 18 years , & I’m originally from Nigeria but have lived in few different states in America.

2) What do you do?

I’m currently a full-time college student at prairie view a&m university and a part-time employee at coach.

3) What is fashion to you?

Fashion to me has a deeper meaning than simply the latest trend, it has to do with how you carry yourself and how you express yourself through what you wear, from your hairstyle to your shoes.

4)What do you think your style is?

I can’t really put a title on my style, but people like to call me Retro Barbie because i like old fashion styles & like to put a twist with it and mix it with the latest trends.

5)What is your ultimate fashion statement? (is it how you interpret clothes? Is it shoes? or is it Jewelry?)

Honestly I’ll say its my hair. I’m part of team natural but i’m constantly changing my hairstyles because i like my hair to compliment whatever I’m wearing.

6) Please share a fashion tip 🙂

“steez” means somebody’s unique style. originality is what’s really important, so just be yourself & don’t try imitate another person’s style when picking out an outfit. & don’t worry whats “in”, if you think it looks nice on you, then my friend WEAR IT !

Thanks Joyce, and you are one gorgeous girl!!!!