A little Fashion History from across the pond (Iro and Buba)



Iro (Wrapper) and Buba(Top),  is worn  by older,  women in the Southwestern part of Nigeria.It came into prominence  In the early fifties to eighties.

The concept of a top and a wrapper is very popular all across the African continent, it goes by different names depending on the region and material used for the style. However, the particular style of Iro and Buba is very near and dear to the modern Yoruba culture.

The Lagos party scene helped in popularizing the style across Nigeria and Africa at large. Lagos state being the commercial hub of Nigeria is foremost in its fashion,  when it comes to Nigeria,  kinda like New York.

Also, Most Yoruba brides wear this on their wedding day…

The younger crowd was not  buying into the style…although in recent times fashion designers have found several ways of re-introducing the classic Iro and Buba in a more modernized style to appeal to the younger crowd.

Styles like  The Oleku

And recently the Tulip style, which is what I’m wearing in the above pic, is all part of the re-introduction of the classic Iro and Buba.




Author: dudubeauty

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3 thoughts on “A little Fashion History from across the pond (Iro and Buba)”

  1. This post is so great! I missed your blog. I have been so busy last couple of weeks but today I heard the song “Black&Yellow” from Whiz Khalifa and I thought of you so much 🙂

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