How i prep up!





Happy New year!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I  literally had no free time.  But, I made sure I enjoyed Christmas and was on deck to usher in the 2013.

I love mixing fashion trends and I wish people would do that more often.  For the above outfit, I was going for a preppy look but added a dash of military fashion via the combat boots.

Fashion thought process:

Navy Blue Jacket : Is to give a  preppy boyish tinge to the outfit

White frilly shirt : This shirt adds a touch of femininity to the ensemble; preventing the outfit from being too boyish

Shorts : To keep up the boyish, yet feminine theme

Combat boots : To give the outfit a twist or an edge.

I love random twists when i put an outfit together. It’s fun!

In my opinion, mixing trends gives one an air of originality…yeah?


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

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