Chasing winter blues

Chasing winter blues

Miso heart t shirt
$24 –

Crop top
$14 –

H M leather skirt
$47 –

American Apparel knee socks

$24 –

Cole haan


Sweater, tights, and Oxford




This was an extremely random photo shoot so, pardon the shadows….lol. We were on our way back from church and decided to take some pictures. It was not planned.

I have not felt like taking pictures hopefully this will spur me on because I miss it! xo 🙂


How i prep up!





Happy New year!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I  literally had no free time.  But, I made sure I enjoyed Christmas and was on deck to usher in the 2013.

I love mixing fashion trends and I wish people would do that more often.  For the above outfit, I was going for a preppy look but added a dash of military fashion via the combat boots.

Fashion thought process:

Navy Blue Jacket : Is to give a  preppy boyish tinge to the outfit

White frilly shirt : This shirt adds a touch of femininity to the ensemble; preventing the outfit from being too boyish

Shorts : To keep up the boyish, yet feminine theme

Combat boots : To give the outfit a twist or an edge.

I love random twists when i put an outfit together. It’s fun!

In my opinion, mixing trends gives one an air of originality…yeah?