The Librarian

It’s all about warm /dark colors, blacks, polka dots and no earrings for me.

I’m not sure when exactly this happened…but, I’m tired of earrings. This is an absolute shock for me considering the fact that I loved earrings. I literally could not go out without them. I used to rock all manners of earrings…tribal, fashion, and even more expensive ones. I’m sure this is a phase I’m going though….IDK

Anyways, on to today’s  outfit. I love books and in an alternate universe i would work in a library so i could hoard books…lol. Every so often I dress up in what i call my librarian armament aka nerd fash! just to rep my inner nerd… *can’t find my glasses*…. Loves it 🙂



Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

6 thoughts on “The Librarian”

  1. Nice pics… Yea every1 one goes thru one phase or d oda.. I had a phase where I stopped wearing trousers, I had to phase-out immidiately d cold months set in… Loooollllll… Enjoy stroutin ur stuff in ur imaginary lib darl… U look good… Have fun 🙂 :*

    1. hahaahahahhaha….I know dear! There was a time i went through a rasta phase. I had fake locks and the whole nine. *sigh* looking back i can only say “what in the hell was i thinking”?

      Thanks hon 😉

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