Gravity album launch (Lecrae)

Sho Baraka as the MC

Well, anyone who has ever been to Lecrae’s concert knows without a reasonable doubt that Lecrae gets it in at his concerts.

The album Launch in Houston was not any different. He performed tracks from his previous albums from “rebel”, “After the music stops” and “Rehab”. Alas we were waiting for music from his new album gravity.

It was a great time, spent in the presence of the almighty! we jumped, danced and made friends with literally everyone standing next to us.

The highlight for me was when he performed “Tell the world” from his gravity album, a record featuring gospel artist Mali Music…luckily i was able to capture the moment below


Author: dudubeauty

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7 thoughts on “Gravity album launch (Lecrae)”

  1. Dudu, you have to be my friend by force!!! Byyyyy foooorcccce *3 times* (Nigerian voice lol) 😀

    Lol girl, you were having fun in there a I felt like jumping in! I wanna go to his concert so bad. Well I wanna attend some artists’ album launch before I graduate and get married 😛

    1. hahahahahahahhahahaha..sebi we are friends already naw?…lol.
      Girl! I tell you, you have to go to at least one of his concert…it’s always a blessing. He ends by reiterating the Gospel of Christ…
      If you were here maybe we would all have gone together…don’t worry, next time 🙂

      And who says you can’t go even after marriage…i saw some married people

      1. LOL! Preach it!
        I was confused when I read “before I get married” lol
        Marriage is when the real fun starts!
        Concerts.. travels.. you name it.. *sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb*
        Husband where are you ooo??

        ( ._.)

  2. Ooh I love Mail Music! I discovered him on Youtube, and for an entire year, two of songs were on repeat on my phone. Lol. Oh and how prettiful you look boo! (As usual.)

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