The Cool, The Chic, The Crazy, in one Lace…




So, while sitting in church on Sunday i came up with this idea…yeah… I know i should have been paying attention but…. any-who, to the crux of my idea.

When i put an outfit together, usually i have a focal point and build my outfit around that. Sometimes it’s the shoes, other times the skirt, top, or even a gown. I create about three looks with the “focal point” in case 😉

From now on well, when i’m not too lazy My outfit posts will be loosely based on this  premise…cool right?lol

In this post, i built my outfit around my lovely lace top!


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

20 thoughts on “The Cool, The Chic, The Crazy, in one Lace…”

    1. I know! It reminds of how versatile your neon colored pumps are..

      I love when one can wear something in so many ways; it makes me feel like i am getting my moneys worth 🙂

      But again, i am a

      1. Yes, I guess that should be the whole point that you can combine what you love. That makes up for something being slightly more expensive – I do shop labels (not making a secret out of it either :)) but what I appreciate the most is that those will last for a long time – I’m not kidding you, I have items in my wardrobe that lasted for ten years! Plenty of them! I try to shop Zara and H&M as little as possible, I go like: rather than buying four tops here, I buy one, of a good quality, that I will treasure forever. Besides elegance is in the way you carry yourself, not what you wear – and you are doing this very well 😉

    2. You are so right!…I’m ashamed to admit this, but i do have some label stuff in my closet and they do last a life time….they are good investment indeed.

      I like your reasoning behind buying labels….some people really do have crazy reasons for buying labels. I’m not opposed to it at all…..

      1. I think I understand where you are coming from. It is important to be and remain humble – I sometimes take my ‘time off’ where fashion doesn’t matter, only family and friends.
        Ebay is a good friend of mine 🙂 – selling stuff I don’t treasure forever allows me to indulge in buying new things.
        I have been working in fashion ever since – you maybe know already I’ve modeled in london before – I like to take my one or two months a year off where I go back to my roots, find my self, reasses things for me. I think giving back is important too. I also think you should strutt your stuff – no matter the price tag – you are doing it so well! ;D Have a good day!

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