Respite from the summer heat!


It rained all through last week. I took the rain as a chance for respite from the distressing, agonizing , and sweaty summer heat.

Ok…lol,  I am  exaggerating, the heat hasn’t been that bad but i just needed an excuse to complain about the heat once more. It is sad to say, but as i get older i have discovered that i have an intense hate for hot weather or even extremely chilly weather. I am looking for a balanced weather and Houston spring time gives me that. Unfortunately it only last for a month or so.

Anywhoos, on to the look…I wanted to wear a Canadian tuxedo AKA Denim on Denim but even with the rain it was still a little humid, so i opted for a denim shirt on a dress pant. I figured the casual denim shirt would balance out the dress pants…giving me  a boyish, dressy casual look.

I mean, if i can’t get a balanced weather, might as well get a balanced look going for me….eh? 🙂

Shirt: Ross

Pants: Express

Shoes:  Dillards

Jewelry: Charlotte Russe


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

6 thoughts on “Respite from the summer heat!”

    1. hahhahahahha….Thanks Ayina!

      Actually, i am still a professional homebody….gurl, I force myself to go out. Don’t be deceived by random pics lol…

      Don’t worry when you come to visit, we will paint the town red…yeah? *yeah right*

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