Summer is casual and fun!

If only I could get rid of the humidity and scorching heat… then maybe, summer would really be about fun :/

I am looking for ways to keep cool this summer. One of the ways I have adopted, is by wearing light fabrics..duh…hopefully this will keep me from combusting into tiny particles from the heat.

Honestly, summer just makes you want to live right. If earth is this hot, I wonder how hell is…lawd Jesus!!!…lol J/K…no seriously.

I shall have fun regardless. Road trip anyone???


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

23 thoughts on “Summer is casual and fun!”

  1. hey darls i love this oufit simple nd very nice…#On my knees…will u be my sunshine?i just nominated you for the sunshine award..please chek my blog to receive it..:)..u deserve it…

  2. Jinx! I’m wearing a red top just like this at this very moment! (I think I have too much red in my closet sha) Bright colors on brown skin always gets a thumbs up from me.
    You look great so consider this look copied for my weekend k thanks! lol
    Oh, and “combusting into tiny particles” made me holler – Houston heat is NO JOKE!

  3. I didn’t catch this blog post till now. U look great, Grace!!! Love the hair-do to the entire outfit to the shoes!

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