Crap…. the weekend is over and i did not catch up on my sleep!

On our way back from church on sunday, it was blazing hot! So we decided to stop here just to chill for a while.

awwwww…There is my darling L, doing what she does best……being awkward adorable

My emotions about Sunday is some what conflicted. A bitter-sweet day. I like it because I get to go to church in the morning, get back home, go for a run, read a book or hang out with friends and family, pretty much laze around.

While lazing around though, there is always this random  damp emotion, reminding me that the very next day is Monday and it’s another work week, with little or no sleep because, I’m a night Owl and there comes the regrets “I should have slept in on saturday, instead of going for that stupid run!” or “Why didn’t I go to bed by 8pm on friday instead of going to see that stupid movie” in retrospect, everything I did instead of sleeping, takes on a foolish quality.

My regrets are usually centered around sleep and sleeping…..I love sleep! When I’m sad I go to sleep, when I can’t handle any situation I go to sleep, When I’m emotional I go to sleep, Irritated? I go to sleep!…..and when I awaken, life usually does not seem half as bad… lol *sigh* and I tackle issues with more clarity..try it!

Shorts: DIY

Pearls: Macy’s

Shoes: Target


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

15 thoughts on “Crap…. the weekend is over and i did not catch up on my sleep!”

  1. On the contrary when I do eventually fall asleep I never seem to have enough sleep! I’m always tired when I wake up…it’s not even funny! Too much sleep = fatigue. Too little sleep = fatigue. I haven’t found a balance yet, lol.

    1. I guess everything is about balance…I would love to be fatigued from too much sleep though least that would be a change for me..can’t wait for July 4th!

  2. I feel ya! I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep every weekend for the last few and am pretty sure it’s a lesson in futility at this point 🙂 Sleep or not, you still look wonderful, and it sounds like a good weekend was had….there’s always next weekend, right? 🙂

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