Style Crush: Lauryn Hill

I have loved Lauryn ever since I was a kid and even when she was with the Fugees. Lauryn, was one, if not the only rapper I was sort of “allowed” to listen to, beside sneaking off to listen to my older brothers’ Tupac albums *Don’t judge me…I had an inner thug somewhere*

Her music was sincere and true to who she was and even as a kid i connected to that sincerity….I wasn’t really aware of the “deepness” of her lyrics or the fact that she was very vulnerable on her classic album “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“. I loved her, I was/still a huge fan, I had the lyrics to “everything is everything” memorized and would sing/rap along when the video came on *sigh*

My mum who hated rap music and genuinely believed it was “The devils music” loved Lauryn Hill lol…

Her music stirs your soul, her voice was just amazing and then when she raps, she literally puts most male rappers to shame her flow and technique was crazy…

A little fun fact: The first rap CD  i  ever bought with my OWN money was Lauryn’s Miseducation album

Everything about Lauryn is uniquely her! I respect individuals who are not tied down by  the trappings of conventionality but chart their course through life, being true to their purpose on earth. I hope she comes back 😦

Lauryn is dope!

All pictures from Google images.


Author: dudubeauty

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