You are my sunshine award!

I am so flattered that my fellow fashion lovers deemed it fit to nominate me for a sunshine/reader appreciation award. I’m humbled by such undeserving nomination.

My nomination came via three of my fav bloggers

Check them out people!  They are fun, kind and are natural fashionistas 🙂

Here are the instructions:
° Include the Award’s logo in a post on your blog
° Answer 10 questions about yourself
° Nominate 10 other bloggers
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1. My favorite color : Red
2. My favorite animal : Dogs
3. My favorite number : uhmm I don’t have any :/
4. My favorite drink : Caprisun lol
5. Facebook or twitter : I use both sparingly
6: My passion : Living a life that brings Glory to God
7. Prefer giving or getting presents : Giving brings me joy! but, i would be a liar if i said i didn’t enjoy receiving just as much as giving

8. My favorite pattern: Aztec

9. My favorite day of the week : friday
10. My favorite flower : uhmmm…. Sunflower?

Questions culled from nonfashionista 🙂

I nominate :

And every other Fashion lover that reads this blog 🙂


Summer is casual and fun!

If only I could get rid of the humidity and scorching heat… then maybe, summer would really be about fun :/

I am looking for ways to keep cool this summer. One of the ways I have adopted, is by wearing light fabrics..duh…hopefully this will keep me from combusting into tiny particles from the heat.

Honestly, summer just makes you want to live right. If earth is this hot, I wonder how hell is…lawd Jesus!!!…lol J/K…no seriously.

I shall have fun regardless. Road trip anyone???

Glamour magazine

I love this outfit combination! It is the perfect depiction of “boy meets girl” in a chic but playful way. The Jacket is totes Amaze 🙂

I love the androgynous trend, I can’t wait to perfect it in my wardrobe choices 🙂

Glamour magazine

Diane von Furstenberg batwing top
$348 –

Ralph Lauren navy jacket
£570 –

J.Crew chino shorts
$40 –

High heel sandals
£15 –

My post workout smoothie.

My foray into the smoothie world started in 2009. At that time my journey to organic eating just started….so i was like a girl possessed. I played with a lot of ideas, green smoothies, protein shakes, fruit smoothies etc.  As with anything that takes up my fancy, i get obsessed and then bored and then it’s on to the next one…. lol…

For now I am so into this organic berry smoothie I came up with 🙂

I drink this after a workout to rebuild

Yummy 🙂


Homemade Yogurt  (Excellent source of protein and calcium)

A cup of organic blue berries (Excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, antioxidant)

6 organic strawberries (Vitamin A, B-Complex, Vitamin E)

A banana ( A good source of Potassium, Magnesium)

A teaspoon of Xylitol ( Natural sweetener)



Crap…. the weekend is over and i did not catch up on my sleep!

On our way back from church on sunday, it was blazing hot! So we decided to stop here just to chill for a while.

awwwww…There is my darling L, doing what she does best……being awkward adorable

My emotions about Sunday is some what conflicted. A bitter-sweet day. I like it because I get to go to church in the morning, get back home, go for a run, read a book or hang out with friends and family, pretty much laze around.

While lazing around though, there is always this random  damp emotion, reminding me that the very next day is Monday and it’s another work week, with little or no sleep because, I’m a night Owl and there comes the regrets “I should have slept in on saturday, instead of going for that stupid run!” or “Why didn’t I go to bed by 8pm on friday instead of going to see that stupid movie” in retrospect, everything I did instead of sleeping, takes on a foolish quality.

My regrets are usually centered around sleep and sleeping…..I love sleep! When I’m sad I go to sleep, when I can’t handle any situation I go to sleep, When I’m emotional I go to sleep, Irritated? I go to sleep!…..and when I awaken, life usually does not seem half as bad… lol *sigh* and I tackle issues with more clarity..try it!

Shorts: DIY

Pearls: Macy’s

Shoes: Target


FELA! musical (Off broadway) came to town…OMG, when I found out, I nearly passed out in sheer ecstasy! You see, I have been wanting to see this musical since 2009, so I just wasn’t gonna miss it for the world, myself, or any other human  or thing.

The Musical is on the life of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, A Nigerian multi instrumentalist musician, Afrobeat pioneer, and a Human rights activist. Most of the scenes take place at Fela’s club, a place he called the “The Shrine”

Fela represents Naija, my beloved country….I wish he was still alive, I would have paid him a visit at the shrine and hopefully get to talk to him about his Yoruba culture, his view on spirituality, Naija, and finally MUSIC…maybe i can do that with one of his sons 🙂

It’s kinda weird that everything Fela predicted about Nigeria is actually happening right now 😦

As a Matter of opinion, I consider Fela, Africa‘s greatest musician because of his message and his love for Africa, especially  his country Nigeria. I love his music, his passion, and his courage against the corrupt government of Nigeria which earned him many a nights in jail.


Paulette Ivory and Sahr Ngaujah star in the national touring company of  Fela!,  the musical based on the life of pioneering Afrobeat musician and political activist Fela Kuti. Society for the Performing Arts presents the show June 5-10 at Jones Hall. Photo: Tristram Kento / HC

a scene from s the national touring company of  Fela!,  the musical based on the life of pioneering Afrobeat musician and political activist Fela Kuti. Society for the Performing Arts presents the show June 5-10 at Jones Hall. Photo: Tristram Kento / HC

Fela’s Queens


The show was riveting, captivating. The cast invited us  to participate…we danced, laughed and cried along with the cast….at least i did. I would never forget this experience,it was  simply amazing.

Honestly, I don’t think my review would be able to capture the essence of the i will leave it up to the critics and experts.

RIP Fela… our very own black president!

Style Crush: Lauryn Hill

I have loved Lauryn ever since I was a kid and even when she was with the Fugees. Lauryn, was one, if not the only rapper I was sort of “allowed” to listen to, beside sneaking off to listen to my older brothers’ Tupac albums *Don’t judge me…I had an inner thug somewhere*

Her music was sincere and true to who she was and even as a kid i connected to that sincerity….I wasn’t really aware of the “deepness” of her lyrics or the fact that she was very vulnerable on her classic album “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“. I loved her, I was/still a huge fan, I had the lyrics to “everything is everything” memorized and would sing/rap along when the video came on *sigh*

My mum who hated rap music and genuinely believed it was “The devils music” loved Lauryn Hill lol…

Her music stirs your soul, her voice was just amazing and then when she raps, she literally puts most male rappers to shame her flow and technique was crazy…

A little fun fact: The first rap CD  i  ever bought with my OWN money was Lauryn’s Miseducation album

Everything about Lauryn is uniquely her! I respect individuals who are not tied down by  the trappings of conventionality but chart their course through life, being true to their purpose on earth. I hope she comes back 😦

Lauryn is dope!

All pictures from Google images.