On a lazy day, we rock our ish twice!

I transition  Day time clothes into Night time; either by adding a jacket, an accessory or Heels to give it a more “Night-ish” glam

Today was my lazy day, I pretty much chilled at Barnes and Nobles reading and  lusting after other books I wished I was reading…yeah…I have a problem, I know. Seriously, books and buildings that contain books make me happy 🙂

*Dancing to “Girls just wanna have fun”*

This outfit revolved around my pretty asymmetrical/ high-low top. The top is pretty much casual…Its a lace top with pretty tribal designs on it.  I wore it all day with my DIY cutoff shorts. I was going out at night, so, I threw on a Blazer and my trusty Patent Oxford heels to give it a little “dressy” appeal. This is how I rock my ish twice 🙂

Top: Ross

Shorts : DIY

Blazer/Jacket : Thrift Store

Gladiator sandals (day): DSW

Patent Oxford Heels: DSW


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

25 thoughts on “On a lazy day, we rock our ish twice!”

      1. yup…and thats how we pick you jjjs out…hehe…but yea people rock em but dont be rocking them down the streets of lagos, the snide comments will be plenty *rolls eyes*…despite how weather friendly they are in our lagos heat…sometimes i think it insanity that people rock jeans on really hot days.

      1. aseeeeen!!
        I decided I had a problem.
        Back in the days, it was clothes clothes, shoes shoes, bags bags. I believe I control myself a tiny bit better these days, although I have suffered a bit of a relapse recently ( ._.)
        But with books.. my sister, it’s getting worse by the week. Even my mom discussed it with my brother and told him she thinks I need to calm down LOL.

        It is well.. a neither deadly nor destructive drug, if you asked me 🙂

    1. hahahhahahhahaha…Your mom had a talk with you about books? I love mothers!

      Yeah, neither deadly nor destructive drug, so I say it’s all good…yeah?

      OMG…girl, did you open up a book on my past? I was addicted to shopping…it was awful now that I look back. I’m so happy I overcame it and have now reached a healthy medium with fashion, clothes, shoes etc, without being obsessed. I pretty much just thrift shop unless it’s something I find particularly cool 🙂

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