Skin Care Tip for oily/acne prone skin….

Spring is officially here! While most people are rejoicing, Your girl is weeping. Why? Because, this means summer will be here shortly. For those of us living in Houston, that means sweltering heat! You have never experienced summer heat until you experience Houston’s summer. So humid, slimy, greasy, hot, ughhhh….I shudder just thinking about it. For those who have oily skin like me,summer means your  sebaceous gland goes into over drive producing oil enough to fry an egg on ones face! This can clog pores and lead to irritating break outs. I have a little trick I use during the summer months to keep shine and clogged pores at bay. You can also use this cheap trick if you simply don’t want your makeup dripping down your face during the summer on a cute day out.  MILK OF MAGNESIA!

Yup…you read right…..

while Milk of magnesia was not created to cure oily skin or acne, it sure is an inexpensive and effective way to keep the shine away. It was originally prescribed by doctors to relieve  constipation and other gastrointestinal issues. It’s a gentle, kinder laxative compared to others.  Although, now, most people use it on their skin. it is still wildly popular for its original intent.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t understand the science behind this, all I know though, is that it works great for me and a couple of people!

How to Apply to Skin:

1. Cleanse skin with whatever you usually use

2. Use a moisturizer on  your skin

3. Using just a thin layer, apply the milk of magnesia all over the face with a cotton ball. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!

4. Allow to dry and you can apply your regular makeup if you choose


It tightens pores

Clears acne

Acts as a makeup primer

It keeps the shiny appearance of oily skin away

(I recommend using the original non-flavored formula)

Try it!


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