If you hate it, Cut it! 1

I hate exercising, especially running. But,it is a necessary evil in this mostly sedentary western living. Having accepted this, I came up with a coping mechanism I engage in while working out.

Most times to stay motivated, I listen to rap songs with crazy beats, except on rare occasions when my iPod is not with me. If I don’t have my iPod, I have to think about something or someone who makes me upset (for real!)….I safely assume the ground is their head and trudge along forcefully(my bad). I know it is wrong and I’m working on it 😉 but, this is the only way for now, that keeps me from focusing on the arduous task, that is cardio!.

On Friday I met up with a friend for my weekly run and my iPod was not with me, I could not go back home to get it. while running  I had to use my imagination, I tried thinking about people, situations, anything that would make me angry and feel like punching someone in the face *I promise you, I’m not violent.To my mortal dismay, my usually imaginative mind decided to stay blank except the image of this flare bottom pants I had.

My dad, bless his sweet heart,bought them for me, years ago….I never wore them. I was going to give it to the salvation army However, I am unashamedly a daddy’s girl and could not bring myself to give it away…. Dad gave them to me, it kinda means something special….you know?.  After my run, I went home and cut them into shorts…..what do y’all think? Nay or yay? I am rather scissors happy this days….I will try not to cut everything in my house into some kind of “design” that never actually comes out like the picture I had in my head. Have a great week people!


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

16 thoughts on “If you hate it, Cut it! 1”

  1. its definitely a yay girl i totally love what you did the pants maybe I should go find a pair of pants that I dont wear anymore and do the same thing lol

  2. lol good method 🙂 I do 30 minute spin classes and think: I’ll burn these **** down even if it kills me 😛 Never went on a cutting spree though, but thinking of that I never did have scissors near by while trying them out 😛

    1. hahahahhahaha….I just joined a running club and i think that has been helping. The cutting thing happens whenever i am feeling “inspired”….It never quite comes out the way i want it….lol

      1. I absolutely do.
        I’ve bought 6 pair of high-waist pants this spring..
        the first pair of trousers I’ve bought in well over 10 years lol I used to be known as “the girl who only wears skirts” for many years. I’m just breaking that yoke.. I’m just beginning to like myself in pants now 🙂

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