Street Style Fashion: Mall Edition

Fashion is individual and i really believe that! So armed with that info in mind i went off to the mall for some style hunting. It was actually fun and Texans are generally warm and fashionable people, so, it was quite easy to find fashion intepretations that caught my fancy.

This lady was so sweet.What attracted me to what she was wearing was her Riding boots and Teal sweater!  and of course… how pretty is she?Just beautiful

This lady is such a fashionista! Her whole look kinda gave me a Preppy vibe because of the amazing sweater she has on 🙂

This dude is a Total rock star! His hair cut was really nice. However, what caught my attention was his pant and those awesome boots! Also i love his jacket over his brown shirt which was neatly matched with his boots. So cool

This lady right here is a trend queen! Prints and patterns are totally in! I loved how she combined her pattern dress with the sweater and for a pop of color she threw in a red sling bag! HOT 🙂

Last but definitely not the least…I met this ladies on my way out of the mall and i was like “wow” can you say chic? Ok, what drew my attention was first the bag and the Leopard print scarf (Leopard prints are so in). Now look at how the first lady matched her blouse with her bag without being “matchy”? and the second lady matched her sheer blouse with her boots giving us a little fall/ winter color block fashion? Effortlessly Chic!

This is my very first street style features…more coming soon. And to the kind strangers who featured in the pictures, you guys are so fabulously chic 🙂


Author: dudubeauty

God, Family,Fashion for less, thrift shopper, Nigerian, fun, laughter, Love, conflicted, inspiring.

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