Thrift Recreation: Those who live like they’re dead are truly free!

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seed. Jh 12:24..

Die,  to truly live!  and by Die, I mean free from self-absorption….until you are free from self pre-occupation you would never really live nor would your life count for much!

Blouse: Thrift Store

Skirt: Ross (The skirt was $2.99…what!)

Shoes: A’GACI(years ago..can’t even remember how much i paid)

Tights: Wally world aka Walmart

Cheap style is the best! 🙂


Thrift Recreation:If i find in myself desires…..

Honestly, y’all… my hat fell into that evil pool behind me…lol

The new quickly becomes the old

The Old loses its luster.

In a frenzy new “new”

is found…


Quickly, wants turn to needs….

needs, turn to indulgent cravings….

cravings, into addictions…

Addictions, to destruction

and still satisfaction was never reached…..


If i find in myself desires in which nothing

else in this world would satisfy,

Then i can safely conclude that i was not made for here…..

* Hat: Target

* Tail Blouse: Thrift Store

* Denim Short: DIY

*Combat Boots: Ross

* Bag:Thrift Store

*Phone: T-mobile 🙂


I just discovered Instagram …yes, yes, yes…i just did! So don’t  judge me because i already judged myself. When it comes to apps one just can’t keep up. Everyday there is a new app for something, nothing, everything *sigh*….I’m officially old. Anywhoos,This past week has been quite hectic but i am back and armed. Just thought to share my latest addiction which is Instagram….I  love how it turns an otherwise blah picture into a retro classic…Just as if 1977 dropped by to say hello…I love it!

Ruffle Blouse: T.J Maxx

Skirt: Rachael and Chloe




Style is individual!

1)What is your name, age, and where are you from?

My name is Joyce, 18 years , & I’m originally from Nigeria but have lived in few different states in America.

2) What do you do?

I’m currently a full-time college student at prairie view a&m university and a part-time employee at coach.

3) What is fashion to you?

Fashion to me has a deeper meaning than simply the latest trend, it has to do with how you carry yourself and how you express yourself through what you wear, from your hairstyle to your shoes.

4)What do you think your style is?

I can’t really put a title on my style, but people like to call me Retro Barbie because i like old fashion styles & like to put a twist with it and mix it with the latest trends.

5)What is your ultimate fashion statement? (is it how you interpret clothes? Is it shoes? or is it Jewelry?)

Honestly I’ll say its my hair. I’m part of team natural but i’m constantly changing my hairstyles because i like my hair to compliment whatever I’m wearing.

6) Please share a fashion tip 🙂

“steez” means somebody’s unique style. originality is what’s really important, so just be yourself & don’t try imitate another person’s style when picking out an outfit. & don’t worry whats “in”, if you think it looks nice on you, then my friend WEAR IT !

Thanks Joyce, and you are one gorgeous girl!!!!

Street Style Fashion: Mall Edition

Fashion is individual and i really believe that! So armed with that info in mind i went off to the mall for some style hunting. It was actually fun and Texans are generally warm and fashionable people, so, it was quite easy to find fashion intepretations that caught my fancy.

This lady was so sweet.What attracted me to what she was wearing was her Riding boots and Teal sweater!  and of course… how pretty is she?Just beautiful

This lady is such a fashionista! Her whole look kinda gave me a Preppy vibe because of the amazing sweater she has on 🙂

This dude is a Total rock star! His hair cut was really nice. However, what caught my attention was his pant and those awesome boots! Also i love his jacket over his brown shirt which was neatly matched with his boots. So cool

This lady right here is a trend queen! Prints and patterns are totally in! I loved how she combined her pattern dress with the sweater and for a pop of color she threw in a red sling bag! HOT 🙂

Last but definitely not the least…I met this ladies on my way out of the mall and i was like “wow” can you say chic? Ok, what drew my attention was first the bag and the Leopard print scarf (Leopard prints are so in). Now look at how the first lady matched her blouse with her bag without being “matchy”? and the second lady matched her sheer blouse with her boots giving us a little fall/ winter color block fashion? Effortlessly Chic!

This is my very first street style features…more coming soon. And to the kind strangers who featured in the pictures, you guys are so fabulously chic 🙂

L is Boho Chic….

I met up with L and when i saw what she was wearing all i thought was AMAZING!!! and close second was “where my camera at”…Initially, in typical L fashion…she was a little reluctant about taking pictures because it was a little cold. However, after much cajoling and partial threats she decided to take the stick out of her behind and loosen up. And waoh there! L started to give me modelesque poses *cough*

Being the great friend that i am *blank stare*…. I decided to capture the moment and dedicate a post to how fabulous and effortless L put this outfit together (standing ovation)

And this right here, is to L and her Boho Chicness.

Jewelry: Forever 21

Blouse: JC Penney(?)

Maxi Skirt: Marshalls