Nightly Fun

The secret of beauty, i have found is in ones ability to express themselves as an individual. lol..i was trying to be deep but that is not what this blog is about…L and i were just wondering how cool it will be to have a blog together?

We have been friends for a long time now, and the totally awesome thing we have in common is dressing up and using beauty product. I mean, i would love to talk about an epiphany or an experience that pulled me into fashion…but…ummm…nothing extreme pulled me towards fashion save for my experience at playing dress up as a kid….that should count for something i presume? it doesn’t? o okay.

So  yesterday L had this crazy idea about us taking pictures at night…it was pretty late, like early morning late.. However,   we were in tune with the spirit and decided to brave the cool but not so cold Texas weather…O the joys of living in Texas!

L Look gorgeous

L tried to give us the “Smexy” pose (everything she is wearing is thrift-ed)

Waiting for the fake bus

L was waiting for an imaginary bus to show up

I couldn’t tell you what i was doing here lollaughter

So here is to fashion and exaggerated posses from L and i…and you can call me G…like seriously that is my name… 🙂


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