Solange Knowles marries Allen Ferguson

Solange slays me with her sense of style at all times!!! I love the simplicity and elegance of her “wedding” jumpsuit.

Only an elegant lady with an impeccable style could slay with such simplicity…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

I LOVE THIS…Such a fashion inspiration!

Happy married life 🙂

Solange Knowles marries Alan Ferguson! **USA ONLY**

In a Black and White World, A pop of color will do!


I am supposed to be including a lot of colors in my outfit choices seeing as we are in the summer months. However the pull of Monochrome black and white, neutrals and lets say none colorful colors can’t be denied.

Monochrome is huge this summer and I’m going with the flow but on this occasion with a pop of color from my laptop bag…